What are the Top 5 Scrum Master Certifications

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Want to become a Certified Professional Scrum Master? Wondering what the best Scrum Master Certifications are to pursue in 2022?

Scrum is a project management paradigm that is gaining popularity because it helps businesses and organisations manage big projects, improve team accountability, and cut costs.

A trained professional known as a Scrum Master assists teams of any size in setting up and scaling the Scrum process. Being a certified Scrum Master not only boosts credibility, but it also improves demand for Scrum masters and their ability to command higher salaries.

A Scrum certification can put you on the path to becoming a Scrum Master and up your project management skills. Here are top 5 Scrum Master certifications:-

Certified Scrum Master Training (CSM): https://skillier.com/course/certified-scrum-master/

Professional Scrum Master Training (PSM): https://skillier.com/course/professional-scrum-master/

Leading SAFe -SAFe Agilist Certification (SA): https://skillier.com/course/leading-safe-certified-safe-agilist/

Advanced Certified Scrum Master Training (A-CSM): https://skillier.com/course/advanced-certified-scrum-master/

Professional Scrum Master-II Training (PSM-II): https://skillier.com/course/professional-scrum-master-ii-psm-ii/

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