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Kamlesh Ravlani

Trainer (CST) | Scrum Alliance


Kamlesh Ravlani is Certified Scrum Trainer CST, a Scrum practitioner, an Agile / LeSS Coach, and Leadership Mentor.


He coaches and Trains CXOs, Managers and Scrum Teams to improved agility and effectiveness. Passionate to help people grow.


Kamlesh has trained over 5500+ professional on Scrum.


He has been leading teams for over 1.5 decade now and lately been focusing on building hyper-productive teams. The agile teams he has ‘served have ranged between 7 to 100+ team members working on large-scale product development usually distributed over multiple geographies.


Two of his projects were designed to deliver maximum customer value with a one day Sprint. Releasing a production build and getting customer feedback every single day while developing brand new application.


He coaches and trains Senior leaders, Product Owners, ScrumMasters and teams. Areas of his interest are, building and coaching hyper-productive leadership teams, enterprise transformation and simplification, Agile Mindset and coaching using positive psychology.

Kamlesh's Certifications

certified scrum master in UK
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CST
Certified Scrum Product Owner certification london
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging REP
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CAL I
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CSP SM
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CSP PO
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging SFE

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