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Alexandre Magno

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) - Scrum Alliance


Alexandre Magno is a well-known person in the Agile community worldwide.


As an Agile practitioner with a background in software development, he was the first Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Trainer (2008) in Latin America and the driving force behind the Scrum community growing in Brazil. By using a unique combination of agile methods, complex thinking and emergent learning techniques, he has helped companies in more than fifteen countries to improve their business results when working in ever-changing environments.


He is also the author of “How Creative Workers Learn”, a book about emergent learning that takes readers on a journey of discovery about how they can effectively manage their career, using learning as their most important tool to build a bright future.


Nowadays his focus is on helping organisations in increasing business agility by making sense of contexts and then designing consciously their own models and processes. Cynefin is a core framework for all his work.


Alexandre Magno is the founder of Emergee, a world-class professional services company. 


Past happy clients: Airbus, Adidas, Barclays, Cisco, EA Sports, ie:music, R7, Riot Games, Salesforce, Terra, and more.

Alexandre's Certifications

certified scrum master in UK
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CST
Certified Scrum Product Owner certification london
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging REP
Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner certification
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CSP SM
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging CSP PO
SAI BadgeSizes DigitalBadging SFE

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