Which of the following is NOT part of quality planning?
How is the tailor to suit the project principle applied in an agile context?
Which is a benefit of the Lean Startup approach to releasing a product?
Which is often used during a retrospective to capture lessons?
Which two statements about tailoring the business case in an agile environment are CORRECT? 1. It should be unnecessary because products of the highest value will be delivered first. 2. It should identify the minimum viable product and when it will be delivered. 3. It should take into account that the scope may be reduced during the course of the project. 4. It should show the features, the order in which they will be delivered and any dependencies.
Which describes the 'Implement' step within the recommended risk management procedure?
Which PRINCE2 integrated element includes the good practices which determine whether a project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2?
How does the change theme regard change in PRINCE2 Agile?
If the Project Board instructs the Project Manager to implement a request for change, which document would contain details of that change?
Which TWO are the purposes of a highlight report? 1. To describe the MoSCoW priority of user stories. 2. To summarize the status of a work package. 3. To summarize the stage status. 4. To report any potential issues and risks
Which risk response type is appropriate to respond to an opportunity?
Which of the following describes a use of a Configuration Item Record?
Which describes risk impact?
Which is the purpose of the controlling stage process?
Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the Closing a Project process?
According to PRINCE2 Agile, which form of communication shows that a team is vibrant and interactive?
Which is a reason for releasing a product into a staging area?
Which is a type of issue?
During the Managing a Stage Boundary process what product is updated with estimated costs and time for the stage that is about to begin?
Which BEST describes the senior user role when tailoring the organization theme?
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