When multiple teams are working together, each team should maintain a separate Product Backlog.
Please select which statement is the most accurate:
Which of the following is not a Scrum Master responsibility?
You are the Scrum Master and your Development Team of 6 members has completed six Sprints with the following information: Sprint 1: 10 pontos - Sprint 2: 11 pontos - Sprint 3: 15 pontos - Sprint 4: 14 pontos - Sprint 5: 15 pontos - Sprint 6: 10 pontos - The remaining story points for product development total 42. What is the approximate number of Sprint required to complete product development?
The Scrum Framework encompasses rules or guidelines for documentation?
When a Development Team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint, who has to be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint work selected?
Who has the authority to cancel a Sprint?
_____________ can change the priority of items in the _________ backlog at any time.
What is the primary way a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest level of productivity?
The Product Backlog is ordered by:
Which of the following is not a Scrum Master responsibility?
The correct sequence of events in using Scrum framework is as follows:
It is important that the product increment be released to production or shipped to customers at the end of each Sprint.
What is the Scrum?
The individual, detailed pieces of work that are needed to convert a product backlog item into a working software component or solution are called:
As the Sprint planning progresses, the workload has grown beyond the development team's capacity. Which action makes most sense for the Team?
More than one Scrum Team is working on a single project or release. How should the Product Backlog be arranged?
What is the approach that Scrum encourages when a Team determines it will be difficult to deliver any value by the end of a Sprint?
Why does Scrum prevent Product Owners from changing Product Backlog items that are being worked on during the Sprint?
The Sprint Goal is selected before the Sprint Backlog is created.
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