What artifact shows actual versus planned progress?
The Product Backlog is ordered by:
Which statement below best describes the primary objective of the Sprint Retrospective?
How many hours per day should a person on a Scrum team work?
You are the Scrum Master and the very first Sprint will complete in 5 days. You are creating a meeting invite for the Sprint Review to demo the items completed in the Sprint. Who should you invite as a required attendee to the Sprint Review? 1. Product Owner(s) 2. Development Team 3. Business Users
Which of the following is not a Scrum Master responsibility?
When many Scrum Teams are working on the same product, should all of their increments be integrated every Sprint?
Why does Scrum prevent Product Owners from changing Product Backlog items that are being worked on during the Sprint?
Which of the following is not a Scrum Master responsibility?
The Scrum Framework encompasses rules or guidelines for documentation?
_____________ can change the priority of items in the _________ backlog at any time.
You are the Scrum Master and your Development Team of 6 members has completed six Sprints with the following information: Sprint 1: 10 pontos - Sprint 2: 11 pontos - Sprint 3: 15 pontos - Sprint 4: 14 pontos - Sprint 5: 15 pontos - Sprint 6: 10 pontos - The remaining story points for product development total 42. What is the approximate number of Sprint required to complete product development?
The most encouraged time of day to hold a Scrum Daily Meeting is:
What is the approach that Scrum encourages when a Team determines it will be difficult to deliver any value by the end of a Sprint?
The correct sequence of events in using Scrum framework is as follows:
What happens when all committed items (requirements) are not completed at the end of the Sprint?
Who has the last say on the order of the Product Backlog?
Please select which statement is the most accurate:
The Development Team should have all the skills needed to
Who has the authority to cancel a Sprint?
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