The timebox for the completing Sprint Planning meeting is
What artifact shows actual versus planned progress?
What happens when all committed items (requirements) are not completed at the end of the Sprint?
What is the primary way a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest level of productivity?
What is the role of Management in Scrum?
Who has the authority to cancel a Sprint?
A _____________________ is created during the first half of the Sprint planning meeting and a _________________ is created during the second half of the Sprint planning meeting?
Who should know the most about the progress toward a business objective or a release, and be able to explain the alternatives most clearly?
The CEO asks the Development Team to add a "very important" item to the current Sprint. What should the Development Team do?
What does it mean to say that an event has a time box?
An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit the terminology which is already used. What will likely happen if this is done?
Which statement best describes Scrum?
Who defines the Sprint Backlog scope?
What is the major difference between Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog?
The individual, detailed pieces of work that are needed to convert a product backlog item into a working software component or solution are called:
What is the Scrum?
It is important that the product increment be released to production or shipped to customers at the end of each Sprint.
When multiple teams are working together, each team should maintain a separate Product Backlog.
How many hours per day should a person on a Scrum team work?
When a Development Team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint, who has to be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint work selected?
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