Unlock Learning: Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna on Skillier

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Unlock Learning- Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna on Skillier

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Skillier stands as a prominent provider of agile and scrum courses in the UK. As learners seek flexible and accessible ways to enhance their skills, Skillier has partnered with Klarna, a global pioneer in payments and shopping experiences. Together, they’re redefining how individuals embark on their learning journeys by offering a Buy Now, Pay Later options. These innovative payment plans empower learners to invest in their education without immediate financial strain, providing them with the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace.


Skillier: Pioneering Agile and Scrum Learning in the UK

Skillier has established itself as a frontrunner in delivering agile and scrum courses across the UK. With a commitment to enabling learners to thrive in fast-paced environments, Skillier’s comprehensive curriculum equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in today’s dynamic job market.


Klarna: Revolutionizing Payment and Shopping Experiences

Klarna, a global industry leader, has transformed the way people shop and make payments. By providing smarter, more flexible payment solutions, Klarna has created seamless shopping experiences that align with the needs and preferences of modern consumers. Recognized for their Buy Now, Pay Later options, Klarna empowers individuals to make purchases and payments on their terms, without compromising on quality or convenience.


Empowering Learning with Buy Now, Pay Later

Skillier’s collaboration with Klarna brings forth an innovative payment options that paves the way for accessible education. The Buy Now, Pay Later options allows learners to enroll in Skillier’s courses and initiate their learning journey without the need for an upfront payment. Instead, the payment is divided into convenient installments, spread across several months. This flexibility eliminates the barrier of immediate financial burden, enabling learners to focus on their studies and skill development.


How to purchase on Skillier with a buy now, pay later options ?

To purchase on Skillier using a buy now, pay later options, simply follow the steps below.  Please note that these steps outline the checkout process at


  1. When you’re ready to complete your order, navigate to the Checkout page at
  2. If a buy now, pay later option is available to you through Klarna, you will be able to select it on the Skillier Checkout page. 
  3. Select the applicable options and you will be directed to the Klarna website. 
  4. If it’s your first time using Klarna, you’ll be required to sign up to their service and provide payment details. If you’ve used either of these options before, however, log into your Klarna account. 
  5. Next, complete the checkout process over these services. If you’re encountering an issue while trying to make a payment on either of these platforms, please contact Klarna for assistance.


Exploring Skillier’s Extensive Course Offerings

Our commitment to your growth extends to an array of meticulously designed courses, including:


  • Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®): The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course by Scrum Alliance is considered the gold standard of certification. It is delivered by the best, accredited, and highly reputable Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers (CST®) to provide you with an exceptional learning experience. Each CSM class is personalized to meet students where they are in their learning journey. As part of your CSM certification you will learn the Scrum framework and gain an understanding of team accountabilities, events and artifacts as well as how to guide your team to apply Scrum.


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®): This CSPO® certification will validate your expertise in Scrum, an agile framework that enables collaborative cross-functional teams to deliver projects in incremental portions. The course aims to help you get certified on your first attempt. This training will help you learn how to improve product value by speeding the delivery of product features, lead scrum teams, and effectively communicate what you want your product to do. Product owners are in demand—and with the most recognized product management certification in the industry, you can be too.


  • Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM®): Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®  (A-CSM®) is an in-depth, two-day immersion into the world of the Scrum Master role. The class dives into Agile Facilitation and Agile Coaching and explores how the ScrumMaster utilizes these skills to support the team, the Product Owner, and the stakeholders within the organization. This class is full of pertinent examples from the attendees’ actual experiences and coaches attendees through real-world tools and techniques that can be utilized immediately in your current role.


  • Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO®): This Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) course is aimed at practicing Product Owners, looking at growing skills and knowledge in areas such as stakeholder identification and management,collaboration techniques, scaling and advanced product backlog management. This certification focuses on how best practices can be applied to grow a Product Owner’s knowledge and skills to define and operate in a more Agile product based organisation driven by product outcomes and metrics, supported by results driven approaches.


  • SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager Certification (POPM) | Product Management: Develop the skills needed to guide the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise by becoming a SAFe® 5.0 Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM). During this two-day course, attendees gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively perform their role in the Agile Release Train (ART) as it delivers value through Program Increments. Attendees also discover how the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps culture contribute to the relentless improvement of the ART.


  • Leading SAFe® with Certified SAFe® Agilist (SA): In this two-day Leading SAFe® 5.0 course attendees gain the knowledge necessary to lead a Lean-Agile enterprise by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and its underlying principles derived from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, and DevOps. Attending the class prepares individuals to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Agilist (SA).Course tuition fee includes the exam.


  • PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner: PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner , A comprehensive, instructor-led, immersive learning course for PRINCE2® certifications. This PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner workshop is delivered through live and interactive instructor-led training sessions. Listen, learn, ask questions, and get all your doubts clarified from your instructor, who is an experienced practitioner.


  • Certified Professional Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC): This Agile Coaching certification course enables you to create a flexible and trusting environment for Agile teams to work collaboratively and achieve healthy conflict resolution. It focuses on developing an understanding of the fundamentals of the professional coaching skill set and when to apply coaching, mentoring, facilitation or training to serve individuals and teams in agile contexts.


  • Enterprise Transformation – Practitioner (ICP-ENT): The ICP-ENT is the first of two knowledge-based certifications on the Enterprise Coaching for Agility Track. This certification focuses on developing an understanding of agility at the enterprise level from structural, process, leadership, and cultural perspectives. As an advanced path, most courses in Enterprise Coaching for Agility (Agile Enterprise Coach) involve a combination of classroom learning and ongoing group discussions around practical experience in the field.


  • Enterprise Agility – Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT): A comprehensive insight to enterprise-level agile coaching is taught by the ICAgile Certified Professional – Coaching Agile Transitions course. The course examines the fundamental components of an organisation that is transitioning to a more agile style of working with an emphasis on the topic of enterprise coaching for agility. It connects the fundamental corporate coaching skills in a way that enables coaches to be change agents inside their organisations.The instructor(s) will explore enterprise coaching for agility’s ethical issues and quest for professional mastery during the training. After that, they discuss key components of agile transitions such organisational and human change processes, transformation methods, overcoming organisational obstacles, and facilitation techniques for big groups.


Key Benefits of Skillier’s Buy Now, Pay Later Options:

  1. Immediate Access: Learners can begin their courses without delay, gaining instant access to valuable content and resources.
  2. Financial Flexibility: The Buy Now, Pay Later options enables learners to allocate their funds strategically, making education more feasible and aligned with personal finances.
  3. No Upfront Payment: Learners can dive into their chosen courses without the pressure of making a substantial upfront payment.
  4. Customized Learning: By removing financial stress, learners can fully immerse themselves in the learning experience, maximising their potential for growth and development.
  5. No Compromises: Skillier’s partnership with Klarna ensures that learners can pursue excellence in education without compromising on quality or depth of content.



Skillier’s collaboration with Klarna represents a significant step forward in providing accessible and impactful education. The Buy Now, Pay Later options not only underscores Skillier’s commitment to learner success but also showcases Klarna’s dedication to reshaping payment experiences. As the partnership continues to flourish, learners can confidently embrace their educational pursuits, knowing that Skillier and Klarna have their best interests at heart. Through this innovative payment solution, the pathway to knowledge, skill acquisition, and professional growth has become more inclusive and empowering than ever before.

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