The Product Owner manages the Product Backlog. Who is accountable for estimating the effort to complete the Product Backlog items?
A Scrum Team uses 2 weeks Sprints and time box their Sprint Planning to 6 hours. Does this break the rules of Scrum?
You are the Scrum Master. The Sprint will complete in two days. Each day of the Sprint is equivalent to 8 hours. The team has just enough time to complete all tasks in the remaining 16 hours with the exception of three tasks. Of these three tasks, two tasks (a total of 6 hours) are required to complete one Product Backlog item and one task (an estimate of 2 hours) is required to complete another Product Backlog item. How should the development team handle the remaining three tasks?
In software engineering what are the disadvantages of the classical waterfall model? A) End-Product has to be fully anticipated beforehand. B) Some requirements are implemented as defined in the beginning of the project, and yet they are not really needed by the customer. C) Each phase is strictly separated.
You are in the Sprint Planning with the developers and the Scrum Master and have agreed on the Product Backlog Items which will be part for the Sprint Backlog. The Sprint goal need to be established before the planning end. Who should set this up?
Who has the authority to cancel a Sprint?
An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit the terminology which is already used. What will likely happen if this is done?
What kind of software development projects can be executed by Scrum Project Management Framework?
A team member is consistently late for Daily Scrum, what is usually the first thing a Team should do?
During the Sprint planning and after the crafting of the Sprint goal, the developers have opted out on some of the PBIs you proposed. All other selected PBIs for the Sprint are valuable and congruent with the Sprint goal. What should you do?
Who can do the work to ensure the Product Backlog is refined to a state that it is useful?
The Scrum team is made of cross functional and self managing members. You have been working in a Scrum team for quite a while as product owner. In the last few weeks and due to time constraints, the developers started to work on ordering the product backlog items. A few stakeholders came back to you already and mentioned that they believe that the Scrum team has not been working on the most valuable items lately. What should you do?
Select the correct timebox for each Scrum event
For Product Owners to succeed, the entire organization must respect their decisions.
A Developer has developed code which is not understandable to others in the Developers. Therefore the rest of the Developers are asking the Scrum Master to take action on the Developer who has developed the code. What is problematic about this?
What does NOT belong to cornerstones of the agile manifesto?
What is the relationship between Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog?
Please select which statement is the most accurate:
What happens when the Sprint is cancelled?
More than one Scrum Team is working on a single project or release. How should the Product Backlog be arranged?
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