What is an example of an anti-pattern a Scrum Master might face?
You are the Scrum Master of a new team. At the very first meeting, one of the senior developers requests that a backend group should be formed under his leadership. How do you react?
There are two Scrum Teams at an organization. Team A has a velocity of 40, Team B has a velocity of 80. Which of the following statements is true about the comparison of the performance of the two teams?
A team that has newly transitioned to Scrum. The Product Owner wants to know the level of detail he needs to put in the Product Backlog Items (PBIs) so that the team can work with them. What guidance would you give in this regard?
When a Development Team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint, who has to be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint work selected?
At the Daily Scrum, all Developers of the Scrum Team answered the 3 standard questions. The meeting took 14 minutes. Can we call it a successful Daily Scrum?
What is the definition of Increment?
You are the Scrum Master of a team. After the product was released to the public, an IT manager proposes to dismantle your Scrum Team, arguing that Scrum is only suitable for developing a product. Since the product is on the market, development and maintenance should be separated. What should you do?
Which statement is true about the user story?
The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from
When should the team perform integration testing?
You are the Scrum Master. The Sprint will complete in two days. Each day of the Sprint is equivalent to 8 hours. The team has just enough time to complete all tasks in the remaining 16 hours with the exception of three tasks. Of these three tasks, two tasks (a total of 6 hours) are required to complete one Product Backlog item and one task (an estimate of 2 hours) is required to complete another Product Backlog item. How should the development team handle the remaining three tasks?
The Scrum Team decided a Scrum Event is not needed. How should the Scrum Master handle this?
When many Scrum Teams are working on the same product, should all of their increments be integrated every Sprint?
Empiricism asserts that:
How should items in the Product Backlog be ordered?
The Development Team defers any discussion and completes the Daily Scrum in less than 15 minutes. Which Scrum Value is being displayed?
During an Sprint planning session, three Scrum Team members could not agree on the estimate for a story after several rounds. One of them is the Product Owner, who is most aware about the business impact. Another is the senior Developer, who has worked on several similar stories in the past. The third person is a junior Developer, who has to work on the story. Whose estimate should be used during Sprint planning?
At the Sprint Planning meeting, the Product Owner and the Developers selected a set of backlog items for implementation. The Developers created a plan; they planned work for the first days of the Sprint. As the Scrum Master, you are assessing whether the planning has met its purpose. What should be your conclusion?
It is important that the product increment be released to production or shipped to customers at the end of each Sprint.
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