As a Scrum Master, you attend the Daily Scrum. The developers answer the 3 questions and leave. You believe something has not been addressed. What can it be?
Empiricism asserts that:
What is the approach that Scrum encourages when a Team determines it will be difficult to deliver any value by the end of a Sprint?
You are the Scrum Master of a team having a Product Owner and eight Developers. Your team is developing a medicine substance modelling tool. One of your key developers having a degree in chemistry has resigned and is going to leave in 6 weeks. His replacement will arrive tomorrow, they are expected to go through a handover. How do you integrate the new developer?
What Agile principle says about architecture?
A manager approaches a Developer of the Scrum Team with a fantastic business idea and requests his or her cooperation. Which of the following scenarios adheres to the rules of the Scrum framework? Select all
What does the Improvement Roadmap document?
Velocity represents the amount of work a team delivers in a Sprint. E.g. if backlog items are estimated in story points, velocity is measured in StoryPoints/Sprint Scenario: The organization is preparing for a show which is going to take place in 6 months. At this show, they want to demonstrate their best capabilities which include a unique piece of software. A Scrum Team is working on the solution, they deliver 80 story points per Sprint, on average. Their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which they would like to use at the show, consists of a set of (not yet delivered) Product Backlog items with a sum of 450 story points. Will they make it?
What does the Scrum Development Team attempt to develop at every Sprint?
At the Daily Scrum, the team learns that one of the developers identified a security gap. It can be fixed but it would take several days. After the Daily Scrum, the team discusses the problem. Team members have different opinions. Which one corresponds best to the rules of Scrum?
A team member is consistently late for Daily Scrum, what is usually the first thing a Team should do?
What is one of the most important tasks of a Scrum Master?
You are a Scrum Master, joining an existing team. During your first Sprint, you learn that the Developers do not consider testing as part of the Definition of Done. What should you do?
If a Scrum Team does Release Planning, what is the max time that they should spend?
Who defines the Sprint Backlog scope?
During an Sprint planning session, three Scrum Team members could not agree on the estimate for a story after several rounds. One of them is the Product Owner, who is most aware about the business impact. Another is the senior Developer, who has worked on several similar stories in the past. The third person is a junior Developer, who has to work on the story. Whose estimate should be used during Sprint planning?
Who acts as the ‘Chief Scrum Master’ for the Agile Release Train?
What is the definition of Increment?
When many Scrum Teams are working on the same product, should all of their increments be integrated every Sprint?
A Development Team completed 15 items in Sprint 1, 11 items in Sprint 2, 13 items in Sprint 3. What is the Team's average velocity?
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