You are the Scrum Master of a new team. At the very first meeting, one of the senior developers requests that a backend group should be formed under his leadership. How do you react?
A Development Team completed 15 items in Sprint 1, 11 items in Sprint 2, 13 items in Sprint 3. What is the Team's average velocity?
What does the Scrum Development Team attempt to develop at every Sprint?
You are the Scrum Master of a team. After the product was released to the public, an IT manager proposes to dismantle your Scrum Team, arguing that Scrum is only suitable for developing a product. Since the product is on the market, development and maintenance should be separated. What should you do?
At the Daily Scrum, the team learns that one of the developers identified a security gap. It can be fixed but it would take several days. After the Daily Scrum, the team discusses the problem. Team members have different opinions. Which one corresponds best to the rules of Scrum?
You are the Scrum Master of a team having a Product Owner and eight Developers. Your team is developing a medicine substance modelling tool. One of your key developers having a degree in chemistry has resigned and is going to leave in 6 weeks. His replacement will arrive tomorrow, they are expected to go through a handover. How do you integrate the new developer?
At the Daily Scrum, all Developers of the Scrum Team answered the 3 standard questions. The meeting took 14 minutes. Can we call it a successful Daily Scrum?
Based on the order of the Product Backlog, the team should start working on a new cloud-based component of the product. However, the environment is not yet available. What should the Product Owner do?
When many Scrum Teams are working on the same product, should all of their increments be integrated every Sprint?
When should the team perform integration testing?
You are the new Scrum Master of a team. According to the stakeholders, the Scrum Team has been performing disappointingly. They regularly fall far behind the forecast given in Sprint Planning and fail to meet the Sprint Goal. The Sprint Retrospective is coming. What should you do?
Who defines the Sprint Backlog scope?
Which statement is true about the user story?
What is the approach that Scrum encourages when a Team determines it will be difficult to deliver any value by the end of a Sprint?
What is an example of an anti-pattern a Scrum Master might face?
A project’s stakeholders have low confidence in the Developers. Which of the following gives the MAXIMUM benefit in terms of building stakeholder confidence?
The Product Owner insists that one more backlog item should be added to the Sprint Backlog, otherwise the Increment will be inconsistent, thus, will not be potentially releasable. The Developers insist that one more item is unlikely to fit their capacity. What should the Scrum Master do?
What Agile principle says about architecture?
Empiricism asserts that:
What is the definition of Increment?
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